Performing visual function traces with Eclipse Callgraph requires three components:

On Fedora, you can install all of these items through yum. To install SystemTap, run:

yum -y install systemtap systemtap-runtime

The required kernel information packages are the matching -devel, -debuginfo, and -debuginfo-common packages of the kernel you wish to profile. You can use yum or debuginfo-install to install these packages. It is advised that you add your user-id to both the stapdev and stapusr groups. If you see error messages regarding avahi or if you get a message saying: "Unable to find server", this is due to your user-id not being part of the stapdev group. When adding your user-id to these special groups, you will need to logout and login again for the changes to take effect.

For more details about installing SystemTap, refer to Installation and Setup from the SystemTap Beginner's Guide.