Applying Hit Counts

A hit count can be applied to line breakpoints, exception breakpoints, watchpoints and method breakpoints. When a hit count is applied to a breakpoint, the breakpoint suspends execution of a thread the nth time it is hit, but never again, until it is re-enabled or the hit count is changed or disabled.

To set a hit count on a breakpoint:

  1. Select the breakpoint to which a hit count is to be added.
  2. From the breakpoint's pop-up menu, select Hit Count.
  3. In the Enter the new hit count for the breakpoint field, type the number of times you want to hit the breakpoint before suspending execution.

    Note: When the breakpoint is hit for the nth time, the thread that hit the breakpoint suspends. The breakpoint is disabled until either it is re-enabled or its hit count is changed.
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