Export Breakpoints Wizard

The Opens the Breakpoint export wizard Export Breakpoints wizard helps you to export breakpoints to a file.

Export breakpoints page

Option Description Default
Breakpoint List Select the breakpoints that you wish to export, and deselect those that you do not.

There can be two possible defaults:

If the wizard is invoked from the breakpoints view and any breakpoints are selected, those same ones will be checked by default.

If the wizard is invoked via the File menu than nothing will be selected.

To File The file to export the breakpoints to, you can also click Browse... to search for a location to export to.

There can be two possible defaults:

If you have never exported breakpoints before it will be blank

If you have exported breakpoints before the last file name you exported to will be automatically inserted.

Overwrite existing file without warning :
When selected, if the file you wish to export to already exists, it will be overwritten automatically by the wizard.
not selected
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