New Source Folder Wizard

The Opens the New Source Folder wizard New Source Folder wizard helps you to create a new source folder to a Java project.

Note that a new source folder can not be nested in existing source folders or in an output folder. You can choose to add exclusion filters to the other nesting source folders or the wizard will suggest to replace the nesting classpath entry with the new created entry. The wizard will also suggest to change the output location.

New Source Folder Options
Option Description Default
Project name Enter a project to contain the new source folder. Either type a valid project name or click Browse to select a project via a dialog. The project of the element that was selected when the wizard has been started.
Folder name Type a path for the new source folder. The path is relative to the selected project. <blank>
Update exclusion filter in other source folders to solve nesting Select to modify existing source folder's exclusion filters to solve nesting problems. For example if there is an existing source folder src and a folder src/inner is created, the source folder src will be updated to have a exclusion filter src/inner. Off
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