New Java Package Wizard

The Opens the New Java Package wizard New Java Package wizard helps you create a folder corresponding to a new Java package and optionally a package level documentation file. It can also be used to add package level documentation to an existing package.

The corresponding folder of the default package always exists, and therefore doesn't have to be created.

Java Package Options
Option Description Default
Source folder Type or browse to select a container (project or folder) for the new package. The source folder of the element that was selected when the wizard has been started.
Name Type a name for the new package The project name, if it is a valid package name and if the source folder does not contain any other package, otherwise <blank>

Whether a file should be created in the package.

The file contains package level documentation as well as annotations. For example:

 * This package contains JAXB classes.
@XmlSchema(namespace = "", elementFormDefault = XmlNsForm.QUALIFIED)
package com.acme.jaxb;

For more information, refer to the Java Language Specification Section 7.4.1. Named Packages.

If the source level is 1.4 or below, a package.html will be created instead.

Generate comments(configure templates and default value here) Generates comments for false
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