Java Editor Templates Preferences

The Opens the Templates preference page Java > Editor > Templates preference page allows to create new and edit existing templates. A template is a convenience for the programmer to quickly insert often reoccurring source code patterns.

The following buttons allow manipulation and configuration of templates:




Opens the Template dialog to create a new template.


Opens the Template dialog to edit the currently selected template.


Removes all selected templates.

Restore Removed

Restores any preconfigured templates that have been removed.

Revert to Default

Restores any preconfigured templates to their default. This does not modify user-created templates.


Imports templates from the file system.


Exports all selected templates to the file system.

Use code formatter

If enabled, the template is formatted according to the code formatting rules specified in the Code Formatter preferences, prior to insertion. Otherwise, the template is inserted as is, but correctly indented.

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