Java Syntax Coloring Preferences

Indicate your preferences for the Syntax Coloring settings on the Opens the Syntax Coloring preference page Java > Editor > Syntax Coloring preference page.

Syntax Coloring specifies how Java source code is rendered. Note that general text editor settings such as the background color can be configured on the general 'Text Editors' preference pages. Fonts may be configured on the general 'Colors and Fonts' preference page.





Each category (Java, Javadoc and Comments) contains a list of language elements that may be rendered with its own color and style.

Some identifiers (for eg. var ,yield, record etc..) are restricted identifiers because they are not allowed in some contexts. Semantic highlighting options for such identifiers can be controlled by the language element Restricted identifiers under Java category.

Note that some semantic highlighting options can be disabled by the user in order to ensure editor performance on low-end systems.

default colors and styles


Displays the preview of a Java source code respecting the current colors and styles.


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