Advanced Java Content Assist Preferences

Indicate your preferences for the Advanced settings on the Opens the Advanced preference page Java > Editor > Content Assist > Advanced preference page.




Select the proposal kinds contained in the 'default' content assist list

Select all the proposal kinds which are contained in the content assist list when invoking content assist the first time with Ctrl+Space.

Other Java Proposals, SWT Template Proposals, Template Proposals, Type Proposals

Content assist cycling

Select the proposal kinds to cycle through and the cycle order when repeatedly invoking content assist (Ctrl+Space). Select a proposal kind and invoke Up or Down to change the order.

Template Proposals, SWT Template Proposals

Timeout for fetching a parameter name from attached Javadoc

If a parameter name could not be fetched from attached Javadoc within the specified amount of time then the attempt to fetch it is abandoned. Increase the value if you have problems fetching the name, for instance due to a slow network connection.

50 ms

Do not block UI Thread while computing completion proposals

Run requests for completion in a dedicated thread so the UI Thread isn't blocked.

This option is useful when completion proposals are long to compute, as it will still allow to type or use other parts of the IDE in the meantime.

Some completion participants may prevent this option from being effective, and UI Thread may still be used even if this option is set.
Opened Java file editors need to be closed and reopened for this option to be effective.

disabled (blocks UI Thread)

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