Detail Formatters Preferences

The following preferences can be set using the Opens the Detail Formatters preference page Java > Debug > Detail Formatters preference page.

These preferences are used to create and manage detail formatters, which are used in the details panes of variables views, or for variable labels themselves.




Types with detail formatters The listing of types that currently have detail formatters (the list itself), and the enabled state of the detail formatter, i.e. if it is on use (the checked state of a list item)  
Add button Used to add a new detail formatter to the current listing  
Edit button Used to edit the selected detail formatter  
Remove button Used to remove the selected detail formatter  
Detail formatter code snippet for selected type Displays the current code snippet in use for the detail formatter of the selected type. This field is not editable, the only way to edit a detail formatter is to use the Edit... button  
Show variables details

This option controls where you want to see the detail formatter appear, you have one of three choices:

  • As a label for variables with detail formatters - will appear as the primary display label only for associated variables the have detail formatters
  • As a label for all variables - will appear for all associated variables, regardless of them having detail formatters already
  • In detail pane only - will only appear in variables view details panes and nowhere else
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