Navigate to a Java element's declaration

In this section, you will learn how to open a type in the Java Editor and how to navigate to related types and members.

  1. Open the Open Type dialog by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T, choosing Navigate > Open Type..., or clicking the toolbar icon (Open Type toolbar button). Type Money, press the Arrow Down key a few times to select MoneyTest, and then press Enter to open the type in the Java editor.

    Open Type dialog

  2. On the first line of the MoneyTest class declaration, select the superclass TestCase and either

    Menu open declaration

    The TestCase class opens in the editor area and is also represented in the Outline view.
    Note: This command also works on methods and fields.

    Opened declaration

  3. With the editor open and the class declaration selected:

    Menu open type hierarchy

  4. The Type Hierarchy view opens with the TestCase class displayed.

    Type Hierarchy view

    Note: You can also open editors on types and methods in the Type Hierarchy view.
Opening an editor for a selected element
Type Hierarchy View