Java Search

The Java searching support allows you to find declarations, references and occurrences of Java elements (packages, types, methods, fields). Searching is supported by an index that is kept up to date in the background as the resources corresponding to Java elements are changed. The Java search operates on workspaces independent of their build state. For example, searches can be conducted when auto-build is turned off.

The following searches can be initiated from the pop-up menus of Java elements or from the Java search dialog:




Finds all references to the selected Java element


Finds all declarations of the selected Java element


Finds all implementors of the selected Java interface

Read access

Finds all read accesses to the selected Java field

Write access

Finds all write accesses to the selected Java field

Match locations for type references

Finds all type references at specified locations (in casts, as field type, ...)

Occurrences in File

Finds all occurrences of the selected Java element in its file

The scope of the search is defined as:

Workspace - all projects and files in the workspace are included in this search

Enclosing Projects - the projects enclosing the currently selected elements

Hierarchy - only the type hierarchy of the selected element is included in this search

Working Set - only resources that belong to the chosen working set are included in this search

Search actions
Java search tab