Interface JavadocExportWizardPage.IJavadocExportWizardPageContainer

Enclosing class:

public static interface JavadocExportWizardPage.IJavadocExportWizardPageContainer
The page container.

This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.

  • Method Details

    • getRunnableContext

      IRunnableContext getRunnableContext()
      Returns a runnable context top be used inside this wizard for long running operations
      a runnable context
    • statusUpdated

      void statusUpdated()
      Calling this method will update status lines and button enablement in the wizard page container
    • getConfiguredVMOptions

      String[] getConfiguredVMOptions()
      Returns the currently configured VM options.
      the VM Options
    • getConfiguredJavadocOptions

      String[] getConfiguredJavadocOptions()
      Returns the currently configured Javadoc command options.
      the Javadoc command options
    • getSelectedJavaElements

      IJavaElement[] getSelectedJavaElements()
      Returns the Java elements selected for Javadoc generation
      the Java elements selected for Javadoc generation