Package org.eclipse.jdt.ui.jarpackager

package org.eclipse.jdt.ui.jarpackager
Provides classes and interfaces to generate a JAR file. This package provides the interfaces and classes for exporting a set of resources to a JAR file via runnable. It offers hooks to extend the JarPackageData to load and store the JarPackageData and to write the JAR itself.

Package Specification

The JarPackageData contains all necessary information to generate a JAR file. This class can be extended to provide additional data or to plug-in a custom JarWriter. The default runnable which creates the JAR can be replaced by implementing IJarExportRunnable. The same applies for the manifest provider (IManifestProvider) and the classes which save (IJarDescriptionWriter) and read (IJarDescriptionReader) the JarPackageData.
  • Class
    A JAR builder can be used to add elements to a JAR file which is about to be build.
    Extends IJarBuilder with the following functions: Write a file to the JAR to build
    Reads the description file of a JAR package data object into such an object.
    Writes the description file of a JAR package data object.
    A runnable which executes a JAR export operation within the workspace.
    A manifest provider creates manifest files.
    Model for a JAR package which stores information used during JAR export and import.
    use JarWriter3 instead.
    Use JarWriter3 instead which leverages new EFS support
    Creates a JAR file for the given JAR package data.