Interface IAccessRuleParticipant

public interface IAccessRuleParticipant
Contributes access rules for an execution environment. Contributed with an execution environments extension.

Clients contributing an access rule participant may implement this interface.

  • Method Details

    • getAccessRules

      IAccessRule[][] getAccessRules(IExecutionEnvironment environment, IVMInstall vm, LibraryLocation[] libraries, IJavaProject project)
      Returns a collection of access rules to be applied to the specified VM libraries and execution environment in the context of the given project. An array of access rules is returned for each library specified by libraries, possibly empty.
      environment - the environment that access rules are requested for
      vm - the vm that access rules are requested for
      libraries - the libraries that access rules are requested for
      project - the project the access rules are requested for or null if none
      a collection of arrays of access rules - one array per library, possibly empty