Class JavaSourceLookupTab

All Implemented Interfaces:
IPrototypeAttributesLabelProvider, ILaunchConfigurationTab, ILaunchConfigurationTab2

@Deprecated public class JavaSourceLookupTab extends JavaLaunchTab
In 3.0, the debug platform provides source lookup facilities that should be used in place of the Java source lookup support provided in 2.0. The new facilities provide a source lookup director that coordinates source lookup among a set of participants, searching a set of source containers. See the following packages: org.eclipse.debug.core.sourcelookup and org.eclipse.debug.core.sourcelookup.containers. This class has been replaced by a source lookup tab in the debug platform - org.eclipse.debug.ui.sourcelookup.SourceLookupTab.
A launch configuration tab that displays and edits source lookup path launch configuration attributes.

This class may be instantiated.

This class is not intended to be sub-classed by clients.