Class AbstractVMInstallPage

All Implemented Interfaces:
IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IWizardPage

public abstract class AbstractVMInstallPage extends WizardPage
A wizard page used to edit the attributes of an installed JRE. A page is provided by JDT to edit standard JREs, but clients may contribute a custom page for a VM install type if required.

A VM install page is contributed via the vmInstallPages extension point. Following is an example definition of a VM install page.

 <extension point="org.eclipse.jdt.debug.ui.vmInstallPages">
The attributes are specified as follows:
  • vmInstallType Specifies the VM install type this wizard page is to be used for. Unique identifier corresponding to an IVMInstallType's id.
  • class Wizard page implementation. Must be a subclass of org.eclipse.jdt.debug.ui.launchConfigurations.AbstractVMInstallPage.

Clients contributing a custom VM install page via the vmInstallPages extension point must subclass this class.

  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractVMInstallPage

      protected AbstractVMInstallPage(String pageName)
      Constructs a new page with the given page name.
      pageName - the name of the page
    • AbstractVMInstallPage

      protected AbstractVMInstallPage(String pageName, String title, ImageDescriptor titleImage)
      Creates a new wizard page with the given name, title, and image.
      pageName - the name of the page
      title - the title for this wizard page, or null if none
      titleImage - the image descriptor for the title of this wizard page, or null if none
  • Method Details

    • finish

      public abstract boolean finish()
      Called when the VM install page wizard is closed by selecting the finish button. Implementers typically override this method to store the page result (new/changed vm install returned in getSelection) into its model.
      if the operation was successful. Only when returned true, the wizard will close.
    • getSelection

      public abstract VMStandin getSelection()
      Returns the edited or created VM install. This method may return null if no VM install exists.
      the edited or created VM install.
    • setSelection

      public void setSelection(VMStandin vm)
      Sets the VM install to be edited.
      vm - the VM install to edit
    • nameChanged

      @Deprecated protected void nameChanged(String newName)
      Updates the name status based on the new name. This method should be called by the page each time the VM name changes. Use nameChanged(String newName, boolean init)
      newName - new name of VM
    • nameChanged

      protected void nameChanged(String newName, boolean init)
      Updates the name status based on the new name. This method should be called by the page each time the VM name changes.
      newName - new name of VM
      init - true if page is getting initialized else false
    • setExistingNames

      public void setExistingNames(String[] names)
      Sets the names of existing VMs, not including the VM being edited. This method is called by the wizard and clients should not call this method.
      names - existing VM names or an empty array
    • getNextPage

      public IWizardPage getNextPage()
      Specified by:
      getNextPage in interface IWizardPage
      getNextPage in class WizardPage
    • setStatusMessage

      protected void setStatusMessage(IStatus status)
      Sets this page's message based on the status severity.
      status - status with message and severity
    • getNameStatus

      protected IStatus getNameStatus()
      Returns the current status of the name being used for the VM.
      status of current VM name
    • updatePageStatus

      protected void updatePageStatus()
      Updates the status message on the page, based on the status of the VM and other status provided by the page.
    • getVMStatus

      protected abstract IStatus[] getVMStatus()
      Returns a collection of status messages pertaining to the current edit status of the VM on this page. An empty collection or a collection of OK status objects indicates all is well.
      collection of status objects for this page