Interface IJavaSearchResultCollector

  • public interface IJavaSearchResultCollector
    Since 3.0, the class SearchRequestor replaces this interface.
    A IJavaSearchResultCollector collects search results from a search query to a SearchEngine. Clients must implement this interface and pass an instance to the search(...) methods. When a search starts, the aboutToStart() method is called, then 0 or more call to accept(...) are done, finally the done() method is called.

    Results provided to this collector may be accurate - in this case they have an EXACT_MATCH accuracy - or they might be potential matches only - they have a POTENTIAL_MATCH accuracy. This last case can occur when a problem prevented the SearchEngine from resolving the match.

    The order of the results is unspecified. Clients must not rely on this order to display results, but they should sort these results (for example, in syntactical order).

    The IJavaSearchResultCollector is also used to provide a progress monitor to the SearchEngine.

    Clients may implement this interface.

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        static final int POTENTIAL_MATCH
        The search result is potentially a match for the search pattern, but a problem prevented the search engine from being more accurate (typically because of the classpath was not correctly set).
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    • Method Detail

      • accept

        void accept​(IResource resource,
                    int start,
                    int end,
                    IJavaElement enclosingElement,
                    int accuracy)
             throws CoreException
        Accepts the given search result.
        resource - the resource in which the match has been found
        start - the start position of the match, -1 if it is unknown
        end - the end position of the match, -1 if it is unknown; the ending offset is exclusive, meaning that the actual range of characters covered is [start, end]
        enclosingElement - the Java element that contains the character range [start, end]; the value can be null indicating that no enclosing Java element has been found
        accuracy - the level of accuracy the search result has; either EXACT_MATCH or POTENTIAL_MATCH
        CoreException - if this collector had a problem accepting the search result
      • getProgressMonitor

        IProgressMonitor getProgressMonitor()
        Returns the progress monitor used to report progress.
        a progress monitor or null if no progress monitor is provided