Class FieldDeclarationMatch

  • public class FieldDeclarationMatch
    extends SearchMatch
    A Java search match that represents a field declaration. The element is an IField.

    This class is intended to be instantiated and subclassed by clients.

    • Constructor Detail

      • FieldDeclarationMatch

        public FieldDeclarationMatch​(IJavaElement element,
                                     int accuracy,
                                     int offset,
                                     int length,
                                     SearchParticipant participant,
                                     IResource resource)
        Creates a new field declaration match.
        element - the field declaration
        accuracy - one of A_ACCURATE or A_INACCURATE
        offset - the offset the match starts at, or -1 if unknown
        length - the length of the match, or -1 if unknown
        participant - the search participant that created the match
        resource - the resource of the element