Class OrganizeImportsOperation

    • Constructor Detail

      • OrganizeImportsOperation

        public OrganizeImportsOperation​(ICompilationUnit cu,
                                        CompilationUnit astRoot,
                                        boolean ignoreLowerCaseNames,
                                        boolean save,
                                        boolean allowSyntaxErrors,
                                        OrganizeImportsOperation.IChooseImportQuery chooseImportQuery)
        Creates a new OrganizeImportsOperation operation.
        cu - The compilation unit
        astRoot - the compilation unit AST node
        ignoreLowerCaseNames - when true, type names starting with a lower case are ignored
        save - If set, the result will be saved
        allowSyntaxErrors - If set, the operation will only proceed when the compilation unit has no syntax errors
        chooseImportQuery - Query element to be used for UI interaction or null to not select anything