Class TargetSourceRangeComputer


public class TargetSourceRangeComputer extends Object
An object for computing adjusted source ranges for AST nodes that are being replaced or deleted.

For example, a refactoring like inline method may choose to replace calls to the method but leave intact any comments immediately preceding the calls. On the other hand, a refactoring like extract method may choose to extract not only the nodes for the selected code but also any comments preceding or following them.

Clients should subclass if they need to influence the the source range to be affected when replacing or deleting a particular node. An instance of the subclass should be registered with ASTRewrite.setTargetSourceRangeComputer(TargetSourceRangeComputer). During a call to ASTRewrite.rewriteAST(org.eclipse.jface.text.IDocument, java.util.Map), the computeSourceRange(ASTNode) method on this object will be used to compute the source range for a node being deleted or replaced.

  • Constructor Details

    • TargetSourceRangeComputer

      public TargetSourceRangeComputer()
      Creates a new target source range computer.
  • Method Details

    • computeSourceRange

      public TargetSourceRangeComputer.SourceRange computeSourceRange(ASTNode node)
      Returns the target source range of the given node. Unlike ASTNode.getStartPosition() and ASTNode.getLength(), the extended source range may include comments and whitespace immediately before or after the normal source range for the node.

      The returned source ranges must satisfy the following conditions:

      • no two source ranges in an AST may be overlapping
      • a source range of a parent node must fully cover the source ranges of its children

      The default implementation uses CompilationUnit.getExtendedStartPosition(ASTNode) and CompilationUnit.getExtendedLength(ASTNode) to compute the target source range. Clients may override or extend this method to expand or contract the source range of the given node. The resulting source range must cover at least the original source range of the node.

      node - the node with a known source range in the compilation unit being rewritten
      the exact source range in the compilation unit being rewritten that should be replaced (or deleted)