Class UnionType

public class UnionType extends Type
Type node for an union type (added in JLS4 API).
    Type | Type { | Type }

This kind of node is used inside a catch clause's formal parameter type.

This class is not intended to be instantiated by clients.
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    • propertyDescriptors

      public static List propertyDescriptors(int apiLevel)
      Returns a list of structural property descriptors for this node type. Clients must not modify the result.
      apiLevel - the API level; one of the AST.JLS* constants
      a list of property descriptors (element type: StructuralPropertyDescriptor)
    • types

      public List types()
      Returns the live ordered list of types in this union type. Adding and removing nodes from this list affects this node dynamically. All nodes in this list must be Types; attempts to add any other type of node will trigger an exception.
      the live list of types in this union type (element type: Type)