Interface EclipseAnnotationProcessorEnvironment

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public interface EclipseAnnotationProcessorEnvironment extends AnnotationProcessorEnvironment
Extended the APT AnnotationProcessorEnvironment to expose extra API.
  • Method Details

    • getAST

      CompilationUnit getAST()
      Return the AST of the file currently being processed.
      the root of the fully flushed out DOM/AST of the file that is currently being processed. This AST will contain binding information. Return null for if called by a batch processor.
    • getMessager

      EclipseMessager getMessager()
      Description copied from interface: AnnotationProcessorEnvironment
      Returns the messager used to report errors, warnings, and other notices.
      Specified by:
      getMessager in interface AnnotationProcessorEnvironment
      the messager
    • getPhase

      Phase getPhase()
      Indicate whether the processor is being called during a build or during editing (that is, during reconcile).

      Note that processors that behave differently depending on phase may cause inconsistent results, such as problems showing up in the Problems view but not in the editor window. If the goal is to improve edit-time performance by skipping processing during reconcile, it is recommended to use the PROCESSING_IN_EDITOR_DISABLED option instead.

      the current processing phase: either Phase.RECONCILE or Phase.BUILD
    • getJavaProject

      IJavaProject getJavaProject()
      the java project associated with the current processing phase
    • addTypeDependency

      void addTypeDependency(String fullyQualifiedTypeName)
      Add a type dependency on the type named fullyQualifiedTypeName
      fullyQualifiedTypeName - the fully qualified (dot-separated) name of a type.
      IllegalArgumentException - if fullyQualifiedTypeName cannot be resolved to a type.