Interface EventRequestManager

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public interface EventRequestManager extends Mirror
Hot code replacement extension to com.sun.jdi.request.EventRequestManager.
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    • createReenterStepRequest

      ReenterStepRequest createReenterStepRequest(ThreadReference thread)
      Creates a new disabled ReenterStepRequest. The new event request is added to the list managed by this EventRequestManager. Use EventRequest.enable() to activate this event request.

      The returned request will control stepping only in the specified thread; all other threads will be unaffected.

      Only one pending reenter step request is allowed per thread.

      Note that enabling such a request can throw an OperationRefusedException if the VM refused to perform this operation. This in recognition that the VM may be in an awkward state and unable to comply. For example, execution is suspended in a native method and the arguments would be unavailable on return .

      thread - the thread in which to step
      the created ReenterStepRequest
      DuplicateRequestException - if there is already a pending step request for the specified thread.
      ObjectCollectedException - if the thread object has been garbage collected.