Interface ClassDeclaration

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Declaration, MemberDeclaration, TypeDeclaration
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public interface ClassDeclaration extends TypeDeclaration
Represents the declaration of a class. For the declaration of an interface, see InterfaceDeclaration. Provides access to information about the class, its members, and its constructors. Note that an enum is a kind of class.

While a ClassDeclaration represents the declaration of a class, a ClassType represents a class type. See TypeDeclaration for more on this distinction.

DeclarationFilter provides a simple way to select just the items of interest when a method returns a collection of declarations.

1.3 04/02/20
Joseph D. Darcy, Scott Seligman
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  • Method Details

    • getSuperclass

      ClassType getSuperclass()
      Returns the class type directly extended by this class. The only class with no superclass is java.lang.Object, for which this method returns null.
      the class type directly extended by this class, or null if there is none
    • getConstructors

      Returns the constructors of this class. This includes the default constructor if this class has no constructors explicitly declared.
      the constructors of this class
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    • getMethods

      Returns the methods that are directly declared by this class or interface. Includes annotation type elements. Excludes implicitly declared methods of an interface, such as toString, that correspond to the methods of java.lang.Object.
      Specified by:
      getMethods in interface TypeDeclaration
      the methods that are directly declared, or an empty collection if there are none
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