Class CDOPrefetcherManager.Prefetcher

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class CDOPrefetcherManager.Prefetcher
    extends java.lang.Object
    Eike Stepper
    • Constructor Detail

      • Prefetcher

        public Prefetcher​(CDOView view,
                          CDOID rootID,
                          boolean prefetchLockStates)
      • Prefetcher

        public Prefetcher​(CDOView view,
                          boolean prefetchLockStates)
    • Method Detail

      • getView

        public final CDOView getView()
      • getSize

        public final int getSize()
      • isDisposed

        public final boolean isDisposed()
      • prefetch

        protected void prefetch()
      • changeBranchPoint

        protected void changeBranchPoint()
      • cleanup

        protected void cleanup()
      • dispose

        protected void dispose()
      • addRevision

        protected CDORevision addRevision​(CDORevision revision)
        The caller must synchronize on this prefetcher.
      • revisionRemoved

        protected void revisionRemoved​(CDORevision revision)
        Subclasses may override.

        When this method is called the calling thread is holding the prefetcher lock. Do not pass control to a different thread which might attempt to access the prefetcher!

      • revisionIgnored

        protected void revisionIgnored​(CDORevision revision)
        Subclasses may override.