Class CDOBalancedTree

  • public class CDOBalancedTree
    extends java.lang.Object
    A utility class that attaches objects to a folder rooted, balanced tree such that configurable capacities for resources per folder and objects per resource are never exceeded. This class is useful if a large number of objects does not form a tree naturally but long lists would hinder fast lazy loading.
    Eike Stepper
    • Constructor Detail

      • CDOBalancedTree

        public CDOBalancedTree​(CDOResourceFolder root,
                               int folderCapacity,
                               int resourceCapacity)
      • CDOBalancedTree

        public CDOBalancedTree​(CDOResourceFolder root,
                               int nodeCapacity)
    • Method Detail

      • getFolderCapacity

        public final int getFolderCapacity()
      • getResourceCapacity

        public final int getResourceCapacity()
      • getLockAttempts

        public final int getLockAttempts()
      • setLockAttempts

        public final void setLockAttempts​(int lockAttempts)
      • getLockTimeout

        public final long getLockTimeout()
      • setLockTimeout

        public final void setLockTimeout​(long lockTimeout)
      • addObject

        public void addObject​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject object)