Interface IMEMStore

All Superinterfaces:
CDOAllRevisionsProvider, IStore, IStore.CanHandleClientAssignedIDs
All Known Subinterfaces:

A simple in-memory store.
Eike Stepper
No Implement
This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
No Extend
This interface is not intended to be extended by clients.
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    • getListLimit

      int getListLimit()
      Returns the number of revisions per CDOID that are stored.
    • setListLimit

      void setListLimit(int listLimit)
      Limits the number of revisions per CDOID to the given value.

      A value of 2, for example, stores the current and the immediately preceding revisions whereas older revisions are dropped from thids store. A value of 1 only stores the current revisions. A value of UNLIMITED does not limit the number of revisions to be stored for any id.

      The list limit can be set and enforced at any time before or after the activation of this store.

    • getObjectType

      EClass getObjectType(CDOID id)