Interface IListMapping

    • Method Detail

      • getFeature

        org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EStructuralFeature getFeature()
        Return the mapped feature.
        the mapped feature.
      • getDBTables

        java.util.Collection<org.eclipse.net4j.db.ddl.IDBTable> getDBTables()
        Returns all DB tables which are used by this feature.
        a collection of all tables of this feature.
      • writeValues

        void writeValues​(IDBStoreAccessor accessor,
                         InternalCDORevision revision)
        Write a complete list of values to the database.
        accessor - the accessor to use.
        revision - the revision containing the list to be written.
      • readValues

        void readValues​(IDBStoreAccessor accessor,
                        InternalCDORevision revision,
                        int listChunk)
        Read the list size and the complete list or the first part of it.
        accessor - the accessor to use.
        revision - the revision into which the list values should be read.
        listChunk - indicating the lazy loading behavior: CDORevision.UNCHUNKED means that the whole list should be read. Else, if listChunk >= 0, the list is filled with InternalCDOList.UNINITIALIZED and only the first listChunk values are read.
      • readChunks

        void readChunks​(IDBStoreChunkReader dbStoreChunkReader,
                        java.util.List<IStoreChunkReader.Chunk> chunks,
                        java.lang.String where)
        Used to load-on-demand chunks of a list.
        dbStoreChunkReader - the chunkReader to use
        chunks - the chunks to read
        where - the where-clause to use in order to read the chunks.
      • objectDetached

        void objectDetached​(IDBStoreAccessor accessor,
                            CDOID id,
                            long revised)
        Hook with which a list mapping is notified that a containing object has been revised. Can be implemented in order to clean up lists of revised objects.
        accessor - the accessor to use.
        id - the ID of the object which has been revised.
        revised - the timestamp at which the object was revised.