Set Discovery Options

WarningNote that this functionality has been deprecated and not fully supported anymore

For most make projects, you will want to parse the output of the build to populate your paths and symbols tables.

To populate your tables:

  1. Right-click on a project and select Properties.
  2. Expand C/C++ Build and select Discovery options.
  3. Select the Automate discovery of paths and symbols option so that it is enabled.
  4. For the scanner configuration on the Discovery Options page of the C/C++ Properties window, you have the following options:

    There are various discovery profiles available on a Per project basis - all discovered paths and symbols are associated with the project; all files use this information.

    Enable generate scanner info command
    Enables the retrieval of information from the scanner.

    C/C++ Project Properties, Discovery Options

    For both profiles, there is an option to discover paths and symbols based on a previous builds' output. To activate the discovery, click Browse to select a build log file, and then click the Load button.

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