Attaching or removing breakpoint actions

You can attach one or more breakpoint actions to a single breakpoint. For example, when the breakpoint is hit you could both log a message and play a sound. Actions are executed in the order they appear in the Actions for this breakpoint list.

To attach or remove a breakpoint action from a breakpoint:

  1. In the Breakpoints view, right-click the breakpoint, and select Properties.
  2. In the Properties for C/C++ Breakpoint dialog box, click Actions.
    Actions page in Breakpoint Properties Dialog Box
  3. In the Available actions list:
    • Select an action and click Attach to link it to the breakpoint. Repeat as required.
    • To add a new breakpoint action, click New.
    • To edit the selected breakpoint action, click Edit.
    • To delete the selected action, click Delete.

      NOTE: Deleting a breakpoint action removes it from the workspace.

  4. In the Actions for this breakpoint list you can:
    • Click Remove to delete the selected action from the list.
    • Click Up to move the selected action up in the list.
    • Click Down to move the selected action down in the list.
  5. Click OK.

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