Signals view

The Signals view of the Debug perspective lets you view the signals defined on the selected debug target and how the debugger handles each one.

Signals View

Signals view toolbar options

The table below lists the toolbar options displayed in the Signals view.

Signals Columns
Name Displays the name of the signal.
Pass Where "yes" is displayed, the debugger lets your program see the signal. Your program can handle the signal, or else it may terminate if the signal is fatal and not handled.
Suspend Where "yes" is displayed, the debugger suspends your program when this signal is handled.
Description Displays a description of the signal.

Signals view context menu commands

The Signals view context menu commands include:

Icon Name Description
  Signal Properties...

Opens the properties window for the selected signal enabling you to:

  • pass or not pass the signal to the program
  • suspend the program when the signal occurs

Resume with Signal Icon Resume With Signal Resume program execution after receiving the signal.

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