Properties view

The Properties view displays property names and values for a selected item such as a resource.

Properties View

Toolbar buttons allow you to toggle to display properties by category or to filter advanced properties. Another toolbar button allows you to restore the selected property to its default value.

To see more detailed information about a resource than the Properties view gives you, right-click the resource name in the Project Explorer view and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

Properties view toolbar options

The table below lists the toolbar options displayed in the Properties view.

Icon Name Description
Pin Icon Pin Properties View Forces the Properties view to remain on top of other views in the workbench area.
Menu Icon View Menu Click the white upside-down triangle icon to open a menu of items specific to the Properties view.

New Properties View
Create a new pane within the Properties view. Panes can be selected using the names that appear on the left edge.

Pin to Selection
Pin the current selection to remain within the viewable area of the Properties view.

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