C/C++ Project Properties, Refactoring History

Lets you explore the entire refactoring history for the currently selected project.

C/C++ Project, Managed, Refactoring History

Refactoring history for <project>:
The refactoring history dialog displays the entire refactoring history of your workspace. Drill down to an individual refactoring and select it to see more details about the performed refactoring in the details view below. This dialog may also be used to remove certain refactorings from the refactoring history. Select an entire year, month, week or day and press Remove to remove the selected refactorings from the refactoring history. In order to be able to better select refactorings from the refactoring history, there are two ways to group your refactorings: Group by Project: Refactorings are grouped by project. Every refactoring is associated with the project that contains the element which served as input to the recorded refactoring. Note: There are certain instances of refactorings which cannot be uniquely associated with a project. These refactorings are associated with the entire workspace. Group by Date: Refactorings are grouped by date. The refactoring history dialog presents the refactorings as a history, last recently executed refactorings first.

Available for :
Any projects, folders and files regardless of project kind

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