Console view

The Console view displays the output of a process and allows you to provide keyboard input to a process. There are numerous consoles available, see the Open Console dropdown list for those available to you.

Console View

The output console shows several different kinds of text, each in a different color:

Build console provides also highlighting of build problems. You can use double-click on a highlighted line to open code in an editor when error parsers are able to determine file and line from build output.

You can choose the different colors for these kinds of text on the Console preferences panel.

Console view toolbar

The table below lists the toolbar options displayed in the Console view. Note that toolbar options may differ between the various consoles.

Icon Name Description
next error icon Next Error Show the next error in the Console view.
previous error icon Previous Error Show the previous error in the Console view.
show error icon Show Error in Editor Toggle to synchronize the selected error with the Editor view (default).
save output file icon Copy Build Log Copy build output to file.
Scroll Lock icon Scroll Lock Toggles the Scroll Lock.
Clear Console icon Clear Console Clears the current console.
Pin Console icon Pin Console Forces the Console view to remain on top of other views in the window area.
Display Selected Console icon Display Selected Console If multiple consoles are open, you can select the one to display from a list.
open Console icon Open Console Opens a new console to display the log for:
  • New Console View
  • Program Output Console
  • Windows Program Output Console
  • CVS, and others based on installed features

Console view context menu

When you right-click in the Console view (or when you press Shift+F10 when the focus is on the Console view), you see one or more of the following options in a context menu depending on the console view visible:

Name Description
Clear Clears the current console.
Editor options: Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All These options perform the standard edit operations. Which options are available depends on where the focus is in the Console view. For example, you cannot paste text into the program output, but you can paste text to the bottom of the file.
Go to Line Opens a dialog that moves the focus to the line you specify. The dialog also indicates the total number of lines in the console buffer.
Find/Replace... Opens a Find/Replace dialog that operates only on the text in the Console view.
Open Link Select to follow a detected hyperlink in any console view that supports. For example, the CVS console.
Scroll Lock Toggles the Scroll Lock.

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