Folding preferences

Use the Folding preference panel to customize the C/C++ editor folding behavior.

Editor Folding Preferences Window

Folding Preference Options
Option Description Default
Enable folding when opening a new editor If enabled, apply folding rules to the new editor.  
Select folding to use Select the folding to use from the available choices.  
Enable folding of preprocessor branches (#if/#endif) If enabled, fold preprocessor branches.  
Enable folding of control flow statements (if/else, do/while, for, switch) If enabled, fold control flow statements.  
Macros If enabled, fold macro definitions. On
Functions If enabled, fold functions. Off
Methods If enabled, fold methods. Off
Structures If enabled, fold structures. On
Comments If enabled, fold comments. Off
Header Comments If enabled, fold header comments. On
Inactive Preprocessor Branches If enabled, fold inactive processor branches. On

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