BPMN2 New File Wizards

The Eclipse New File wizard is used to create a new BPMN2 file. From the Main Menu, click File -> New -> Other… which opens the New File Wizard Dialog box. Navigate to the BPMN2 category and you will see several entries as shown here:

Figure 4: Eclipse "New File" Wizard

BPMN Model Wizard

The first entry, BPMN2 Model, is actually contributed by the Eclipse BPMN2 Metamodel plug-in. This creates an empty BPMN2 file containing only a root element. When this is opened with the BPMN2 Model Editor (a simple tree-oriented editor also contributed by the BPMN2 Metamodel plug-in) it looks something like this:

Figure 5: BPMN2 Metamodel Editor

Since these components are part of the Eclipse BPMN2 Metamodel project, they will not be discussed further in this document. However, suffice it to say that this editor can be useful for viewing the physical structure of a BPMN2 file, and is marginally better than a visual XML editor.



Generic BPMN 2.0 Diagram Wizard

The second entry in the BPMN2 category, Generic BPMN 2.0 Diagram, is contributed by the BPMN2 Modeler plug-in, and can be used to create a new, properly initialized Diagram file. This wizard creates a file that is not intended for deployment to any particular BPM process engine (see Target Runtime Extensions for a detailed discussion). Selecting this entry displays the first page of the wizard, as shown here:

Figure 6: BPMN2 Modeler Wizard Page 1

This allows you to select the type of diagram you wish to create. This page contains a brief description of each of the diagram types; pick one by clicking the image next to the description and then click the Next > button. See the Appendix for a more detailed discussion of diagram types.

The next page of the wizard asks for a location, file name and a target namespace. These fields are already filled in with reasonable defaults, but you may want to change them as necessary.

Figure 7: BPMN2 Modeler Wizard Page 2

Click the Finish button to create a template for the selected Diagram type and open the BPMN2 Modeler.

jBPM Process Diagram Wizard

Part of the BPMN2 Modeler extension mechanism is the ability for plug-ins to contribute New File wizard entries. These will appear as additional entries under the BPMN2 category. Here, the jBPM Process Diagram wizard is specifically designed to create a process suitable for deployment to the jBPM engine.

Figure 8: jBPM New File Wizard

The first, and only, page of this wizard asks for a Process Name which, when edited, automatically fills in appropriate values for the remaining fields (Process ID and File Name). These can be edited as necessary.

Also required is a Package name; this is an extension of the BPMN2 language required by the jBPM engine.

The optional checkbox labeled Set jBPM Runtime as the default for this project will create project settings appropriate for the jBPM Target Runtime.