Package org.eclipse.ui.views.markers.internal

package org.eclipse.ui.views.markers.internal
  • Class
    AbstractField is the abstract superclass for fields.
    AttributeMarkerGrouping is the configuration element for the markerAttributeGrouping extension.
    This is a concrete class that stores the same type of information as the IMarkers used by the IDE.
    ContentGeneratorDescriptor is the direct representation of the markerContentGenerator extension point.
    Shows the properties of a new or existing marker In 3.3, this class was refactored to allow pre-existing public dialog classes to share the implementation.
    DialogTaskProperties is the properties dialog for tasks.
    FieldCategory is the field for showing categories of markers.
    IField is the definition of fields for marker views.
    MarkerFilter is the class that defines a filter on markers in a MarkerView.
    MarkerGroupingEntry is the configuration object for the markerGroupingEntry extension.
    MarkerMessages is the class that handles the messages for the markers.
    The MarkerNode class is the class that handles category nodes and concrete markers.
    The ProblemFilterRegistryReader is the registry reader for declarative problem filters.
    Represents a marker type.
    Maintains a model of all known marker types.
    ProblemFilters are the filters used in the problems view.
    Provides a resolution for warning markers on projects without an explicit encoding setting.
    Represents a marker visible in the Tasks view.
    The TypeMarkerGroup is a MarkerGroup used for the sorting by type which cannot be expressed currently using the markerSupport extension point.
    The Util class is the class of general utilities used by the marker support.