Interface ITextEditorExtension

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDecoratedTextEditor, AbstractTextEditor, StatusTextEditor, TextEditor

public interface ITextEditorExtension
Extension interface for ITextEditor. Adds the following functions:
  • status fields
  • read-only state of the editor's input
  • ruler context menu listeners.
  • Method Details

    • setStatusField

      void setStatusField(IStatusField field, String category)
      Informs the editor which status field is to be used when posting status information in the given category.
      field - the status field to be used
      category - the status information category
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    • isEditorInputReadOnly

      boolean isEditorInputReadOnly()
      Returns whether the editor's input is read-only. The semantics of this method is orthogonal to isEditable as it talks about the editor input, i.e. the domain element, and not about the editor document.
      true if the editor input is read-only
    • addRulerContextMenuListener

      void addRulerContextMenuListener(IMenuListener listener)
      Adds a ruler context menu listener to the editor.
      listener - the listener
    • removeRulerContextMenuListener

      void removeRulerContextMenuListener(IMenuListener listener)
      Removes a ruler context menu listener from the editor.
      listener - the listener