Class PageBook

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public class PageBook extends Composite
A pagebook is a composite control where only a single control is visible at a time. It is similar to a notebook, but without tabs.

This class may be instantiated; it is not intended to be subclassed.

Note that although this class is a subclass of Composite, it does not make sense to set a layout on it.

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This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
  • Constructor Details

    • PageBook

      public PageBook(Composite parent, int style)
      Creates a new empty pagebook.
      parent - the parent composite
      style - the SWT style bits
  • Method Details

    • showPage

      public void showPage(Control page)
      Shows the given page. This method has no effect if the given page is not contained in this pagebook.
      page - the page to show