Class DrillDownComposite

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DrillDownComposite extends Composite
Class DrillDownComposite implements a simple web style navigation metaphor. Home, back, and "drill into" buttons are added to a tree viewer for easier navigation.

To use the DrillDownComposite..

  1. Create an instance of DrillDownComposite.
  2. Create a tree viewer.
  3. Pass the second tree viewer into the composite by calling setChildTree.
  • Constructor Details

    • DrillDownComposite

      public DrillDownComposite(Composite parent, int style)
      Constructs a new DrillDownTreeViewer.
      parent - the parent composite for this control
      style - the SWT style for this control
  • Method Details

    • createNavigationButtons

      protected void createNavigationButtons()
      Creates the navigation buttons for this viewer.
    • setChildTree

      public void setChildTree(TreeViewer aViewer)
      Sets the child viewer. This method should only be called once, after the viewer has been created.
      aViewer - the new child viewer