Class WorkbenchContentProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, IResourceChangeListener, IContentProvider, IStructuredContentProvider, ITreeContentProvider

public class WorkbenchContentProvider extends BaseWorkbenchContentProvider implements IResourceChangeListener
Tree content provider for resource objects that can be adapted to the interface IWorkbenchAdapter. This provider will listen for resource changes within the workspace and update the viewer as necessary.

This class may be instantiated, or subclassed by clients.

  • Constructor Details

    • WorkbenchContentProvider

      public WorkbenchContentProvider()
      Creates the resource content provider.
  • Method Details

    • dispose

      public void dispose()
      Description copied from interface: IContentProvider
      Disposes of this content provider. This is called by the viewer when it is disposed.

      The viewer should not be updated during this call, as it is in the process of being disposed.

      The default implementation does nothing.

      Specified by:
      dispose in interface IContentProvider
      dispose in class BaseWorkbenchContentProvider
    • inputChanged

      public void inputChanged(Viewer newViewer, Object oldInput, Object newInput)
      Description copied from interface: IContentProvider
      Notifies this content provider that the given viewer's input has been switched to a different element.

      A typical use for this method is registering the content provider as a listener to changes on the new input (using model-specific means), and deregistering the viewer from the old input. In response to these change notifications, the content provider should update the viewer (see the add, remove, update and refresh methods on the viewers).

      The viewer should not be updated during this call, as it might be in the process of being disposed.

      The default implementation does nothing.

      Specified by:
      inputChanged in interface IContentProvider
      inputChanged in class BaseWorkbenchContentProvider
      newViewer - the viewer
      oldInput - the old input element, or null if the viewer did not previously have an input
      newInput - the new input element, or null if the viewer does not have an input
    • resourceChanged

      public final void resourceChanged(IResourceChangeEvent event)
      Description copied from interface: IResourceChangeListener
      Notifies this listener that some resource changes are happening, or have already happened.

      The supplied event gives details. This event object (and the resource delta within it) is valid only for the duration of the invocation of this method.

      Note: This method is called by the platform; it is not intended to be called directly by clients.

      Note that during resource change event notification, further changes to resources may be disallowed.

      Specified by:
      resourceChanged in interface IResourceChangeListener
      event - the resource change event
      See Also:
    • processDelta

      protected void processDelta(IResourceDelta delta)
      Process the resource delta.
      delta - delta to process; not null