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public interface IIntroXHTMLContentProvider extends IIntroContentProvider
A content provider for dynamic XHTML Intro content. When an XHTML intro page is parsed and a contentProvider element is detected, it is used to create dynamic XHTML content in the page.
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      void createContent(String id, Element parent)
      Create XHTML content in the provided parent DOM Element. A typical usage for this method would be:

      <contentProvider id="contentProviderId" class="xx.yy.IntroContentProvider" pluginId=""/>

      A parent DOM Element will be passed to allow for adding dynamic content by manipulating the Java XML DOM for the XHTML file. A div is created with an id equal to the id specified in the contentProvider element, and is passed as the parent. In the above example, the DOM element representing a div with id=myContentProviderDivId would be the parent passed.
      id - the unique identifier of the content element. The same content provider class can be reused for several elements and the id can be used to tell them apart.
      parent - the parent xml Element where dynamic content will be added as children.