Class ViewerActionBuilder


public class ViewerActionBuilder extends PluginActionBuilder
This class reads the registry for extensions that plug into 'popupMenus' extension point and deals only with the 'viewerContribution' elements.
  • Constructor Details

    • ViewerActionBuilder

      public ViewerActionBuilder()
      Basic contstructor
  • Method Details

    • createActionDescriptor

      protected ActionDescriptor createActionDescriptor(IConfigurationElement element)
      Description copied from class: PluginActionBuilder
      This factory method returns a new ActionDescriptor for the configuration element. It should be implemented by subclasses.
      Specified by:
      createActionDescriptor in class PluginActionBuilder
    • createContribution

      protected PluginActionBuilder.BasicContribution createContribution()
      Description copied from class: PluginActionBuilder
      Factory method to create the helper contribution class that will hold onto the menus and actions contributed.
      createContribution in class PluginActionBuilder
    • dispose

      public void dispose()
      Dispose of the action builder
    • readElement

      protected boolean readElement(IConfigurationElement element)
      Description copied from class: PluginActionBuilder
      Implements abstract method to handle the provided XML element in the registry.
      readElement in class PluginActionBuilder
      true if element was recognized, false if not.
    • readViewerContributions

      public boolean readViewerContributions(String id, ISelectionProvider prov, IWorkbenchPart part)
      Reads the contributions for a viewer menu. This method is typically used in conjunction with contribute to read and then insert actions for a particular viewer menu.
      id - the menu id
      prov - the selection provider for the control containing the menu
      part - the part containing the menu.
      true if 1 or more items were read.