Class PluginActionSetBuilder


public class PluginActionSetBuilder extends PluginActionBuilder
This builder reads the actions for an action set from the registry.
  • Constructor Details

    • PluginActionSetBuilder

      public PluginActionSetBuilder()
      Constructs a new builder.
  • Method Details

    • buildMenuAndToolBarStructure

      public void buildMenuAndToolBarStructure(PluginActionSet set, IWorkbenchWindow window)
      Read the actions within a config element. Called by customize perspective
      set - the action set
      window - the window to contribute to
    • createActionDescriptor

      protected ActionDescriptor createActionDescriptor(IConfigurationElement element)
      Description copied from class: PluginActionBuilder
      This factory method returns a new ActionDescriptor for the configuration element. It should be implemented by subclasses.
      Specified by:
      createActionDescriptor in class PluginActionBuilder
    • createContribution

      protected PluginActionBuilder.BasicContribution createContribution()
      Description copied from class: PluginActionBuilder
      Factory method to create the helper contribution class that will hold onto the menus and actions contributed.
      createContribution in class PluginActionBuilder
    • findInsertionPoint

      public static IContributionItem findInsertionPoint(String startId, String sortId, IContributionManager mgr, boolean startVsEnd)
      Returns the insertion point for a new contribution item. Clients should use this item as a reference point for insertAfter.
      startId - the reference id for insertion
      sortId - the sorting id for the insertion. If null then the item will be inserted at the end of all action sets.
      mgr - the target menu manager.
      startVsEnd - if true the items are added at the start of action with the same id; else they are added to the end
      the insertion point, or null if not found.
    • processAdjunctContributions

      protected void processAdjunctContributions()
    • readActionExtensions

      protected void readActionExtensions(PluginActionSet set, IWorkbenchWindow window)
      Read the actions within a config element.
    • removeActionExtensions

      protected void removeActionExtensions(PluginActionSet set, IWorkbenchWindow window)
      Remove the given action set from the window.
      set - the set to remove
      window - the window to remove from