Class EditorPluginAction

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, IAction, ISelectionChangedListener, INullSelectionListener, IPluginContribution, ISelectionListener

public final class EditorPluginAction extends PartPluginAction
Extends PartPluginAction for usage in editor parts. Objects of this class are created by reading the registry (extension point "editorActions").
  • Constructor Details

    • EditorPluginAction

      public EditorPluginAction(IConfigurationElement actionElement, IEditorPart part, String id, int style)
      This class adds the requirement that action delegates loaded on demand implement IViewActionDelegate
  • Method Details

    • validateDelegate

      protected IActionDelegate validateDelegate(Object obj) throws WorkbenchException
      Description copied from class: PluginAction
      Validates the object is a delegate of the expected type. Subclasses can override to check for specific delegate types.

      Note: Calls to the object are not allowed during this method.

      validateDelegate in class PluginAction
      obj - a possible action delegate implementation
      the IActionDelegate implementation for the object
      WorkbenchException - if not of the expected delegate type
    • initDelegate

      protected void initDelegate()
      Description copied from class: PluginAction
      Initialize the action delegate by calling its lifecycle method. Subclasses may override but must call this implementation first.
      initDelegate in class PluginAction
    • editorChanged

      public void editorChanged(IEditorPart part)
      Handles editor change by re-registering for selection changes and updating IEditorActionDelegate.
    • dispose

      public void dispose()
      Description copied from class: PluginAction
      Disposes this plugin action.
      dispose in class PluginAction