Class ConfigurationInfo


public final class ConfigurationInfo extends Object
This class contains utility methods that clients may use to obtain information about the system configuration.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigurationInfo

      public ConfigurationInfo()
  • Method Details

    • getBuildId

      public static String getBuildId()
      Return the build id for this instance. This may be null in the event that this property is undefined.
      the build id or null
    • getSystemSummary

      public static String getSystemSummary()
      Return a multi-line String that describes the current configuration. This may include but is not limited to system properties, installed bundles, and installed features. The specific format of this message is undefined and may change at any time.

      The contents of this String are in part constructed via ISystemSummarySection that are registered with this running instance of the workbench.

      the configuration info
    • getSortedExtensions

      public static IConfigurationElement[] getSortedExtensions(IConfigurationElement[] configElements)