Class Hyperlink

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public class Hyperlink extends AbstractHyperlink
Hyperlink is a concrete implementation of the abstract base class that draws text in the client area. Text can be wrapped and underlined. Hyperlink is typically added to the hyperlink group so that certain properties are managed for all the hyperlinks that belong to it.

Hyperlink can be extended.

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  • Constructor Details

    • Hyperlink

      public Hyperlink(Composite parent, int style)
      Creates a new hyperlink control in the provided parent.
      parent - the control parent
      style - the widget style
  • Method Details

    • initAccessible

      protected void initAccessible()
    • setUnderlined

      public void setUnderlined(boolean underlined)
      Sets the underlined state. It is not necessary to call this method when in a hyperlink group.
      underlined - if true , a line will be drawn below the text for each wrapped line.
    • isUnderlined

      public boolean isUnderlined()
      Returns the underline state of the hyperlink.
      true if text is underlined, false otherwise.
    • computeSize

      public Point computeSize(int wHint, int hHint, boolean changed)
      Overrides the parent by incorporating the margin.
      computeSize in class Control
      wHint - the width hint (can be SWT.DEFAULT)
      hHint - the height hint (can be SWT.DEFAULT)
      changed - true if the control's contents have changed, and false otherwise
      the preferred size of the control.
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    • getText

      public String getText()
      Returns the current hyperlink text.
      getText in class AbstractHyperlink
      hyperlink text
    • getToolTipText

      public String getToolTipText()
      Description copied from class: Control
      Returns the receiver's tool tip text, or null if it has not been set.
      getToolTipText in class Control
      the receiver's tool tip text
    • setToolTipText

      public void setToolTipText(String string)
      Description copied from class: Control
      Sets the receiver's tool tip text to the argument, which may be null indicating that the default tool tip for the control will be shown. For a control that has a default tool tip, such as the Tree control on Windows, setting the tool tip text to an empty string replaces the default, causing no tool tip text to be shown.

      The mnemonic indicator (character '&') is not displayed in a tool tip. To display a single '&' in the tool tip, the character '&' can be escaped by doubling it in the string.

      NOTE: This operation is a hint and behavior is platform specific, on Windows for CJK-style mnemonics of the form " (&C)" at the end of the tooltip text are not shown in tooltip.

      setToolTipText in class Control
      string - the new tool tip text (or null)
    • setText

      public void setText(String text)
      Sets the text of this hyperlink.
      text - the hyperlink text
    • paintHyperlink

      protected void paintHyperlink(GC gc)
      Paints the hyperlink text.
      Specified by:
      paintHyperlink in class AbstractHyperlink
      gc - graphic context
    • paintText

      protected void paintText(GC gc, Rectangle bounds)
      Paints the hyperlink text in provided bounding rectangle.
      gc - graphic context
      bounds - the bounding rectangle in which to paint the text
    • shortenText

      protected String shortenText(GC gc, String t, int width)
    • computeTextSize

      protected Point computeTextSize(int wHint, int hHint)