Interface IWorkingSetPage

All Superinterfaces:
IDialogPage, IWizardPage

public interface IWorkingSetPage extends IWizardPage
A working set page allows the user to edit an existing working set and create a new working set.

Clients should implement this interface and include the name of their class in an extension contributed to the workbench's working set extension point (named "org.eclipse.ui.workingSets") if they want to provide a special wizard page for a particular working set element type.

Clients implementing this interface may subclass from org.eclipse.jface.wizard.WizardPage.

  • Method Details

    • finish

      void finish()
      Called when the working set wizard is closed by selecting the finish button. Implementers may store the page result (new/changed working set returned in getSelection) here.
    • getSelection

      IWorkingSet getSelection()
      Returns the working set edited or created on the page after the wizard has closed. Returns the working set that was initially set using setSelectionif the wizard has not been closed yet. Implementors should return the object set in setSelection instead of making a copy and returning the changed copy.
      the working set edited or created on the page.
    • setSelection

      void setSelection(IWorkingSet workingSet)
      Sets the working set edited on the page. Implementors should not make a copy of this working set. The passed object can be edited as is and should be returned in getSelection().
      workingSet - the working set edited on the page.