Class DisplayAccess


public final class DisplayAccess extends Object
This class provides static methods that help RCP applications interact with the Display.
  • Constructor Details

    • DisplayAccess

      public DisplayAccess()
  • Method Details

    • accessDisplayDuringStartup

      public static void accessDisplayDuringStartup()

      This method allows threads spawned early in the workbench startup process to access the Display via the Display.asyncExec(Runnable) and Display.syncExec(Runnable) methods. Without invoking this method from a given thread subsequent calls to the above Display methods will behave as follows:

      This method MUST NOT be called from threads created by the workbench. If invoked from any thread owned by the Workbench this method will throw an IllegalStateException.

      It is recommended that this method be used from ALL threads that touch the display during the startup process, even those that may have been created in the main application class.

      This method has no effect after the workbench has been restored.

      IllegalStateException - thrown if invoked from a thread created by the workbench.