Interface IObjectActionDelegate

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AddMemoryRenderingActionDelegate, CompareAction, CompareWithOtherResourceAction, ContextualLaunchAction, org.eclipse.debug.internal.ui.actions.breakpoints.ToggleBreakpointObjectActionDelegate, ToggleMethodBreakpointActionDelegate, ToggleWatchpointActionDelegate

public interface IObjectActionDelegate extends IActionDelegate
Interface for an object action that is contributed into a popup menu for a view or editor. It extends IActionDelegate and adds an initialization method for connecting the delegate to the part it should work with.
  • Method Details

    • setActivePart

      void setActivePart(IAction action, IWorkbenchPart targetPart)
      Sets the active part for the delegate. The active part is commonly used to get a working context for the action, such as the shell for any dialog which is needed.

      This method will be called every time the action appears in a popup menu. The targetPart may change with each invocation.

      action - the action proxy that handles presentation portion of the action; must not be null.
      targetPart - the new part target; must not be null.